Hong Kong, Part 1

Recently I was lucky enough to be selected for an exclusive artist's trip to Hong Kong, somewhere that throughout all of my previous travels I had never set foot in before. The beauty of the city instantly hit me. I had imagined that although larger in scale, it would be more or less similar to the experiences I had in other cities such as New York or Berlin (like the overwhelming traffic on the streets and in the subway and general city grime). I was surprised to discover that this was barely the case- what struck me first was how outstandingly kind and polite the people were and how clean the city was by comparison, as well as the ease of getting around. All of my expectations immediately went out the window, leaving room for refreshing new impressions to take their place. After being here just under a week, I can confidently say that I've only become lost once! 

One of the treasures I value most about the city is the balance of the urban bustle and serenity. While this is something that can be found in many places across the globe, I find that in Hong Kong this balance does not have to be sought out, and instead it presents itself minute by minute. A 7-Eleven can be found on most any street corner, busy or not, but gardens and temples are also nestled throughout those same streets. The beaches are beautiful, peaceful, and tropical, but even on the surrounding islands there is still free Wi-fi to be found in local cafes and cityscapes that can be seen in the distance. 

To see what my teammates are doing search #HKX15 (Hong Kong Experience 2015)! Check back soon for more photos and updates.