Cover Story

Doughnut Smackdown

Cover stories for Creative Loafing are some of my all time favorites to photograph. This shoot couldn't be described as anything but fun- sampling, judging, and photographing some of the best sweets in Atlanta! The winner ended up being the Sunflower from Sarah Donut, a specialty doughnut that has sugar and cinnamon folded into the dough, and of course is shaped like a sunflower. The panel of judges included Adjoa Danso, Stephanie Dazey, Brad Kaplan, and Jennifer Zyman. Check out the story here to see some of the other doughnut contestants, behind the scenes notes, and more!

100 Dishes Project

This year's 100 Dishes Project from Creative Loafing has been one of my biggest food assignments and accomplishments so far to date. Shooting 23 dishes at 14 locations, this project has given me more knowledge of Atlanta's food scene than the rest of my years here combined. The variety of dishes span across five star restaurants with pressed linen napkins to hole-in-the-wall cafes where you would be lucky to find a chair. While this project was a huge undertaking, at the end of it, I realize that I've only barely scratched the surface of this diverse foodie city.

Check out the complete list of dishes here.