The Local Palate- Season's Eatings

Branching more into the magazine world, this was my first opportunity to work with the awesome team at The Local Palate, and a third opportunity working with the great minds of Botiwalla at Ponce City Market! This story covers Chef Meherwan's newest kebab recipes for grilling this season. Dishes included are Tandoori Tri-Tip Kebab Sliders, Paneer Cheese and Veggie Kababs, Botiwalla Lamb Kababs, and his Cumin and Fennel Seed Dry Rub for ribeye and strip steaks. 

Ponce City Market

Ponce City Market, a long-awaited addition to the Atlanta food scene, just got a little bigger (and better) with the recent additions of H&F Burger and Hop's Chicken. Anything I could say about these restaurants would pale in comparison to the article written by Cliff Bostock, which you can check out here. Needless to say, Linton Hopkins is a hero among food fans, myself included. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 9.46.24 PM.jpg

Proof Bakeshop

My favorite assignments are the ones that combine food and documentary photography. These stories go beyond taking colorful pictures and share the backgrounds of the workers striving to perfect their art. Their workplace is their home, their coworkers are family. This Creative Loafing article, A Day in the Life of Proof Bakeshop, covers the goings-on around the clock at a new Atlanta bakery. Combined, me and my fellow photographer Eric Cash spent an entire day photographing and getting to know the business and employees. Starting from preparations at 6pm the night before to 6pm at closing time the next day, these employees don't miss a beat, even at 2 o'clock in the morning. While the food was delicious, I would go back just for the company.

Not only does this bakery have a feature story, but they also won Best New Bakery in the Critic's Pick section of Creative Loafing's "Best Of" issue. Below are some of my photos from the morning and afternoon shifts. Check out the full CL story here.

International Food Photography Award

Today I received a "Best Photo Award" as an international winner for one of my recent dessert photographs. Lyan van Furth, a photographer himself, approached me a few weeks back about being considered for the award. He expressed that there are so many great photos in the world that go unrecognized, and it is his mission to generate exposure internationally. I am happy to be one of the very first winners in the category! 

Check out the page and see some of the other winners here.

Shooting for Grub Street

Grub Street, New York Magazine's blog usually dedicated to just the New York food scene, recently completed a project about some of the most beautiful dishes across the country. Atlanta had two dishes on the complete list of 103. These dishes were from Restaurant Eugene and Gunshow, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph them. 

You can view the complete slideshow here, more photos coming soon!

100 Dishes Project

This year's 100 Dishes Project from Creative Loafing has been one of my biggest food assignments and accomplishments so far to date. Shooting 23 dishes at 14 locations, this project has given me more knowledge of Atlanta's food scene than the rest of my years here combined. The variety of dishes span across five star restaurants with pressed linen napkins to hole-in-the-wall cafes where you would be lucky to find a chair. While this project was a huge undertaking, at the end of it, I realize that I've only barely scratched the surface of this diverse foodie city.

Check out the complete list of dishes here.

$20 Dinner With Jarrett Stieber

This month I had the pleasure to photograph a cover story for Creative Loafing featuring Chef Jarrett Stieber from Atlanta's Eat Me Speak Me. I always enjoy these types of assignments the most, both for the diversity of images and because it feels almost like a collaboration between me and whoever I am photographing. For this story, Jarrett prepared a full dinner for under $20 with food purchased from a local farmers market.

Check out the story, including the recipe to his "Yummy Sauce" (my personal favorite) here.