Goldfish Market

Hong Kong, Part 3

Visiting the Mongkok Goldfish Market, Flower Market, and Bird Market were some of our last stops in Hong Kong before wrapping up exhibition presentations and heading back home to Georgia. These markets, which open to the streets throughout the city, span quite a distance and attract both tourists and locals. The goldfish market was remarkable, it included an array of goldfish spanning from the size of a thumbnail to half a foot across. The smaller fish were displayed hanging in water bags along Tung Choi Street in the entrances to the shops, with the larger fish in tanks in the exterior. Aside from just goldfish, reptiles, crustaceans, and any other kind of aquatic species you can think of can also be found here, as well as numerous shops solely dedicated to aquarium care. The flower market, easy enough to find with it's location on Flower Market Road, was full of locals buying flowers for graduations and summer weddings. The quantity of florals to choose from was impressive as well, ranging in every color and texture you could imagine. Our last stop, the bird market, was located in a garden adjacent to the flower market. Here, vendors sold not only birds but exquisite cages, food, and toys.