Check Out CLATL.com

Working for Creative Loafing this summer I've gotten to interact with some really creative minds, both inside the office and out! Check out this article I shot for about the Lucid FC twins, full story here.

Also, keep an eye out next week for our upcoming Atlanta City Guide. It's been a huge project that's taken many months to complete- but well worth the result! You will never again be at a loss for Friday night plans.

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Colorful Portraits

I've been experimenting more with color schemes lately, which led to the creation of this mini-series of portraits. This was also a retouching exercise- these photos are of my lovely roommates, taken in our kitchen against a blank patch of wall.

First Magazine Cover

For a collaborative project at school, my photography class partnered with writers and a couple graphic designers to create first edition of THOM, a semi-annual magazine for the Thomasville Center of the Arts. As a group we spent two weekends traveling to the town of Thomasville, getting to know the area and the people. I was chosen to photograph the story spotlighting one of the locals, Charlie Whitney. As a great surprise at the end, one of the photographs that I had taken at his home was chosen for the cover of the magazine as well! It is my first magazine cover in print.